Biden accuses Trump once again of not denouncing White supremacy

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LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: You got it, Sean. The president was on fire tonight in Duluth, Minnesota. We're going to go right back to the president's speech and then pick it up on the other side.



DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: With your help, your devotion and your drive, we are going to keep on working. We are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning.

It's true. We are going to keep on winning. You know, Minnesota, maybe I'll just (inaudible) because we need Jason. Jason? Where is Jason? Jason's going to come, Jason Lewis. He is going to be your senator. You're going to win so much, you know that one, right? You've heard it. Should I do it or not? I've got beautiful crescendo of a speech and now I have to ruin it with this story with Jason, but let's do it anyway.

But we're going to win so much, because Minnesota, before I came around, was not doing too well, ok? Was not doing too well, then you had your best years ever. But we're going to win it so much and you're going to go and see your great senator, Jason Lewis. He is going to say. And you're going to see Emmer, and you're going to see all of them.

And you're going to say, "Mr. Senator, please go see the president. We are winning too much. We can't stand it, sir". Minnesota, "We are not used to winning this much. It's too much, sir. Please, go see". "Well, I don't want to do that." "Please Senator, go see the President. We're winning too much.

We cannot stand it. For years, we've done poorly before he came along. Now we're doing so well. And we're growing now stronger than ever before. We don't want to win so much, Mr. Senator."

So your senator is going to come in, "Hi Jason, how are you doing?" "Sir, Minnesota is winning too much. We have to stop it." I say, "What are you talking about?" "Sir, we have to stop it and it's just too much winning. We have to stop it." I say, "Jason, let me tell you. I know the people of Minnesota and they love winning. They're going to keep winning. We're going to win. We're going to win so much. We're going to keep on winning, and you're going to have the greatest year that you've ever had next year and the year after. And that's where it's heading. So I just want to thank you, and Jason, I'm sorry. I will not follow your wish." Thank you very much.

But we are one movement, we are one family, we are one beautiful people, and one glorious nation under god. And together with the incredible people of Minnesota, we will make America wealthy again. We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again. Thank you, Minnesota. Go out and vote. Thank you.


INGRAHAM: Well, the president just wrapping up in Duluth, Minnesota, up north, one night after a raucous debate. And of course, last night's debate proved a point we have been making about the last four, pretty much the entirety of Trump's presidency.

When they can't beat him on policy, they dropped down the race card.

Candace Owens facts-checks the latest white supremacist's smear. Also tonight, what you didn't see inside Raymond Arroyo's Scranton focus group, plus he brings us the low lights from Biden's sleepy whistle-stop tour today.

Oh my gosh! Somebody said, people miss all this stuff. Raymond gets it.

Seen and unseen always a can't miss. But first, facts beyond debate, that's the focus of tonight's "Angle".

Now while the debate scoring game and the snap poll analysis, that consumes hours of cable commentary, in the end I'm not sure any of it matters, not much anyway.

Could the president have sold his own record better? Yes, he sold it tonight in Minnesota, I can tell you that. But does he need to remember the swing voters and suburban women still need convincing? Yes, I guess so. But did Biden lob fifth grade insults at the president in order to get under his skin? Absolutely!

And did Biden lie about everything from his support for the Green New Deal to what Antifa represents? Of course, he did. And did the media declare Biden the winner, just as they did, by the way, with Hillary in 2016? Of course, the media did that. Because remember, the Democrat at a debate always triumphs.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Joe Biden acted like a human being; Donald Trump acted like a defiler.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Donald Trump declared war on decency and on democracy last night in a way that is utterly unmistakable.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Voters overwhelmingly saw last night that Joe Biden won that debate. Donald Trump set himself on fire in front of a hundred million people.


INGRAHAM: That is so predictable and I find it really boring.

So tonight, it's useful to remember what is beyond debate. The successes of President Trump's America First agenda, they are stunning. And they have to be calmly and forcefully emphasized and personalized. And Biden's anti- freedom, anti-prosperity plans, they have to be exposed and explained.

Now of course, we already know that Biden is too weak to stop the riots. He is too weak to resist the radicals in his own party. But there are other key points that must be said and said again.

Now here are some of the points beyond debate. Number one, President Trump has delivered peace and prosperity. Remember when they said he was going to blow up the world? Now he is being nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. Number two, a vote for Biden is a vote to immediately lock down the contrary.

That's what the doctors will tell him. Number three, a vote for Biden is a vote to strengthen China's hand. Bye-bye tariffs. And number four, if Democrats end up controlling all levers of government, Americans will be poorer and less free.

Now even during this pandemic, Trump is still delivering and I mean big time. All 11 major S&P indexes soared today on the news that private sector hiring is up and home sales, unbelievable, are at record levels.

The Chicago PMI jumped to 62.4, the highest level since December 2018.

Now think about what would've happened had we done what Biden's team wanted. Well, we would be locking down again like so many European countries, and our economy would be maybe where Spain's and Italy's economies are, in the toilet.

As for Biden's idiotic comment that only the rich get richer in Trump's economy, well, check this out from the latest Federal Reserve report.

Families at the top of the income and wealth distributions experienced very little, if any, growth, in net worth between 2016 and 2019, while families near the bottom of the income and wealth distributions generally continued to experience substantial gains.

And there is more. Net worth increased 32.5 percent among the lowest income quintile and 30.7 percent among the second lowest. Net worth also increased among blacks, 32.1 percent, wow! And Hispanics, 63.6 percent, compared to whites, 4 percent. I mean that is a billboard, my friends.

So think about this. Listen to what all those people you just saw the talking heads in the media, the wealth gap shrank dramatically under Trump's policies after widening in the Obama-Biden years.

And something that, this is - I've said this so many times, I'm getting bored of my own words on this, and I don't understand this for the life of me, I don't understand why Trump doesn't lead every speech on the economy with this fact. Americans made more money during its first three years in office. Median income was up $6,000 per family.

Now this is real money to real people, in fact it's more than double the income gains that Americans saw in the 16 years under Bush and Obama.

Remember, Obama only got us back to the 2,000 levels of Bush.

So if Biden wins, you would not just be voting to make yourself poorer, you would be voting for less freedom. And the president needs to spell this out. If you want to see your daughter go to her prom next year, if you want to have your kids in school full time, if you want to go to church regularly, maybe even sing at church, if you want to actually celebrate your faith traditions, your holidays, Easter Sunday, maybe with your friends and family, if you travel somewhere, if you want to get back to your life, your old life, then voting for Biden is out of the question.

His national strategy, we always hear about the national strategy, first of all, he copies most of what Trump already said, but the national strategy that he doesn't want to talk about is one of control, confinement, and decline; masquerading as "I'm going to be listening to the doctors."

No wonder China loves Biden so much, because under his policies, we will be engineering our own downfall. China doesn't have to do it for us. And then you are really going to see a permanent divide between the haves, the elites, and the have-nots.

For me, and I bet for a lot of you, I prefer a country where we, the people, are in charge of our own destinies, one where we make our own decisions about risks and rewards. It is beyond debate that we are always better off when we err on the side of more freedom and less government. But the people pulling Biden's strings, believe the opposite. They don't trust you. Most of them don't even like you.

Remember, it's beyond debate that they think that we are a systemically racist country, that we are a nation conceived in evil, not liberty. So why would you want to help them hurt you? And that's the "Angle".

Joining me now is Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at "The Federalist"; and Ari Fleischer, former White House Press Secretary; both are Fox News contributors.

Ari, you re-watched the debate today and you found out something very interesting about all of the much discussed interruptions. What did you notice second time around?

ARI FLEISCHER, FORMER WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Well, just to claim my sanity, I only re-watched the beginning of it, not the whole thing.

INGRAHAM: Ok, you're not totally nutso. Got it.

FLEISCHER: But I was watching and listening to the news and just heard about interruption, interruption, interruption and there was plenty of it, too much interruption. But I thought who started it? Let's take a look. So I actually went back and watched the beginning of the debate.

The first question went to President Trump, he answered for 2 minutes uninterrupted. Then it went to Joe Biden, he answered for two minutes, uninterrupted. Then again, it was Donald Trump's turn and when Trump started to speak, Joe Biden interrupted him, not once, not twice, but three times. That's what got the night off on such a discordant, noisy note. It was Joe Biden.

So for everybody constantly, throughout the Trump presidency, who says the president is the one who violates norms, goes too far, does too much, it's almost always the case, it's the Democrats who do it. Certainly, it was Joe Biden who got the ball rolling and that interrupt direction last night.

INGRAHAM: And the commission on presidential debates, Mollie, they responded to last night's debate by saying they might change some of the debate rules. Now this is, reportedly, one of the changes being considered.


MAJOR GARRETT, CBS NEWS CORRESPONDENT: The rules were quite obviously flouted, that gives the commission more leverage. Here is another technical point of leverage. The commission controls the audio feed. The networks handle the TV part, so it needs negotiations with the campaigns. They can say, if you don't do what we want, we can cut your sound off.


INGRAHAM: Mollie, they just talk about the Democrats as the party, who want less freedom and now we are seeing the debate commission wants less speech.

This is about muzzling Trump, is it not?

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, SENIOR EDITOR, THE FEDERALIST: Well, it is. And these kinds of changes wouldn't be happening if people thought that Joe Biden was effective last night, or if they thought that Donald Trump hadn't pummeled Joe Biden, which he did. But it is important that people be allowed to speak and it is particularly the case for Donald Trump.

Many people in the media have decided to help Joe Biden along. One of the only times that Donald Trump can press the issues that he thinks that Joe Biden is weak on is in those debates. And so there should be opportunity - I actually think it's great if the two individuals can spar even more, certainly they shouldn't interrupt or make it difficult to hear. But it's good to hear people going against each other and talking about how they are different.

And I was thinking about last night's debate, another thing that was beyond debate are some of these cultural issues as well. When Donald Trump was asked about the racist - about banning the racist, critical race theory programs for federal employees that teach hatred based along racial lines, he explained why he did it. Not because he opposes racial sensitivity training, that is not what they are, but because he thinks these programs teach hatred for our founding, hatred for the country.

These are things that would also happen after the debate. Some these cultural issues, where people think that some people have been teaching hatred for the country and then it has led to unrest in the streets, people actually getting mobbed while they are having dinner on the street and nothing being done about it.

INGRAHAM: Yes. And Ari, I want to play Joe Biden's thoughts from today on the debate last night.



BIDEN: The President of the United States conducting himself the way he did, I think it was just a national embarrassment.


INGRAHAM: A national embarrassment from a man who called the president a clown, a racist and describes America as systemically unjust and racist.


JOE BIDEN: Will you shut up, man?

TRUMP: Who is on your list, Joe? Who is on your list?

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS HOST: Gentlemen, I think we've ended this--

BIDEN: This is so un-Presidential.

TRUMP: He's going to pack the court.

BIDEN: It's hard to get any word in with this clown.

Folks, do you have any idea what this clown is doing? He is racist.

You're the worst president America has ever had.


INGRAHAM: Ari, who is insulting whom here? I mean, Nancy Pelosi said something similar that Trump had a nervous breakdown.

FLEISCHER: Well, they both insulted each other. I would say, Biden did more insulting. Remember, the president said "Joe, don't ever tell me you're smart". They both went after each other. And my objection here is that the voters are the ones who need to hear. It's less about whether the candidates have the right to speak that they can speak. It's whether we, the voters, can hear.

And I think the president made a tactical error, Laura, because when he talked over Joe Biden in that moment and said, "Where's your list, where is your list?" Biden was flailing and failing, and the president didn't let it sink in, so the American people would have said, "Wow! Biden really is withholding the information about who is the good name to the court".

And this is where - and about whether Joe Biden would - I'm sorry, whether Joe Biden would block or sign into law expansion of the court to pack the court. This is what we need to hear from Joe Biden. The president's job is to smoke Joe Biden out and then stop the interrupting, so the American people can hear and see how far left and weak he is.

INGRAHAM: Yes, I think, Mollie, what happens here is that the president is, I think, naturally and understandably so used to having the media step on him, or reframe his comments that he feels like he has to get in there before they stop him. And so he maybe jumps the gun a little bit, but I think Ari makes a good point, the more time Biden has, the less convincing he is. So at times, let him go, then come in for the rhetorical kill.

HEMINGWAY: Oh, absolutely. If he had been left to flail as he didn't answer questions about, for instance, Supreme Court packing and whatnot, that would've hurt Biden much more. It is interesting that historically challengers do really well in their first debate against incumbent presidents, I think the fact that Joe Biden isn't - he is not being talked about as someone who won the debate, people are talking about the debate and they are talking about Trump. I don't think people are saying that Joe Biden had a particularly great performance.

So remember that there are three debates and that historically things improve for the incumbent president. So I can see that people might have a lot of nervousness, but everyone needs to continue working on their debate prep as for the benefit of the American people. I totally agree with Ari.

You need to see the differences and have them really well explained to voters.

INGRAHAM: And Ari, along with the peace and prosperity, both achieved under Trump's policies, what we find is that the staffing that we can expect in the Biden administration, there are going to be more Jim Comeys, there are going to be more deep state. The same characters who ran it in the Obama administration will be back again for another go-at-it, and that brings us to what happened on Capitol Hill today with the former FBI Director, James Comey, getting pressed.

Let's watch.


JAMES COMEY, FORMER FBI DIRECTOR: It was done by the book, it was appropriate and it was essential that it be done.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC): OK. So you're proud of it?

COMEY: Overall, I'm proud of the work. There is no indication and the inspector general would say it if he found it. The people were doing bad things on purpose, but that doesn't make it any less concerning. This was an investigation, it was appropriately predicated and opened that had to be opened


INGRAHAM: Appropriately predicated when the dossier was, in fact, substantiated by a man who himself was deemed as a potential national security threat, a Russian asset, a Russian agent.

FLEISCHER: If this is by the book, I shudder to think about how many people are unjustly prosecuted by the Department of Justice under James Comey as FBI Director, or how many people might be imprisoned falsely, because that is not by the book.

Look, there is one question I wish somebody would've asked James Comey today, and that was knowing what you know now, would you have briefed President Trump, president-elect Trump, about that dossier?

I would have like to have heard the answer to that, because the answer should be no. and James Comey at the time should've said, "I don't know enough about this dossier, I will not brief it to the president-elect". And remember that briefing was the thing that triggered the leak that Buzzfeed and CNN then went with. It was the event that allowed people to say, it's been brief for the president. They immediately leaked the fact that president-elect was briefed on that and ran with it and that changed the course of the history during that.


FLEISCHER: It started the administration off on that note about collusion and the dossier and it never got better.

INGRAHAM: And Mollie--

FLEISCHER: Comey is responsible.

INGRAHAM: Yes, and Comey is responsible.

And Mollie, again, this is a big snoozer in the mainstream pro-Biden media.

It's like it never happened on the other networks. Real quick.

HEMINGWAY: There are bombshells all over the place, including that yesterday we found out that James Comey was alerted in September of 2016 to the fact that Russia believed that Hillary was developing a smear operation to link Trump to Russian collusion by December, of course. They knew that the source for what he briefed to President Trump was someone who suspected of being a Russian agent.

They also believed that that same thing he briefed to President Trump was Russian disinformation, every single thing about this has been pointing in the wrong direction and we are still waiting for accountability, which is the most frustrating thing about the whole thing.

INGRAHAM: Mollie and Ari, so great to see both of you tonight. Thank you very much.

And coming up, one of the most insidious lies spread by the left over the last four years reared its ugly head in last night's debate and Candace Owens is here in moments to debunk it once and for all. Don't want to miss it.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The President of United States refused to denounce white supremacist's groups, opting instead for a language many considered to be a call to action.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why is it so difficult for President Trump to say I condemn white supremacy?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: People who, of good faith, who are on us, can't deny it.

He did not condemn white supremacists.


INGRAHAM: When did you stop beating your wife? Come on.

Well, that framing dominated broadcast across network and cable all day long. Now one problem, it's an outright lie. Here was President Trump's very clear response to the question.


WALLACE: Are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups, and to say that they need to stand down?

TRUMP: Sure, I'm willing to do that. I'm willing to do anything - I want to see peace.


INGRAHAM: Joining me now is Candace Owens, founder of the Blexit Movement and author of "Blackout". Candace, I guess being against white supremacy and saying, "Of course, I'm for peace", that question has been asked and answered a thousand times, yet the press obsesses over it, when they can't challenge him on his results.

CANDACE OWENS, AUTHOR, "BLACKOUT": I'm going to be honest with you, Laura, when I saw this trending again today, calling Trump a white supremacist then using the expressions, "it's a dog whistle for white supremacy".

As a Black American, I have to say this, I am now bored. I'm bored with the DNC, I'm bored with their repeat strategy. First, they lost me, they lost me as a person who actually once thought I supported this party. They lost me, then they frustrated me. And now I'm just plain bored. How many more times can we keep hearing them say the exact same thing? They are running the same plan that they ran in 2016, here again in 2020.

We get it, Trump, you're saying, is a white supremacist, unfounded claims.

All of his followers are horrible deplorable people. Unfounded claims. When are they going to move on actually start to bringing the topics that Americans care about and stop with this foolishness that is rooted in complete and utter lies about the president.

Black Americans are just not this foolish. It's exhausting. They could say anything else about him and find it interesting. Accusing him of being a werewolf, accusing him of being dracula. I'm bored of hearing that trump is dog whistling for white supremacists. It is not true!

INGRAHAM: I can't remember if it was Tucker who said this, but if Trump is a racist, he's the worst racist ever. Because he does all this great stuff and as criminal justice reform, enterprise zones, opportunity zones, and he does the great unemployment numbers and so forth. So he's the worst racist ever.

But I have to go back to something you and I have discussed before, speaking of bored. But it's Biden's - it's touchstone for him. He launched his campaign, supposedly, on Trump's purported praise of the white supremacists and Nazis in Charlottesville. So it's so well worn-out that Biden, of course, splattered it all over the screen again last night.


BIDEN: Close your eyes. Remember what those people look like coming out in the fields, carrying torches, their veins bulging, and just spewing anti- Semitic bile and accompanied by the Ku Klux Klan. A young woman got killed and they asked the president what he thought, he said, there are very fine people on both sides.


INGRAHAM: Candace, that's been debunked so many times. How do they keep getting away with this life?

OWENS: It makes me want to yawn, and by the way can we talk about Joe Biden and his record? This is a man who said his mentor and best friend, and he eulogized him at a funeral was Robert Byrd, the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. So please don't play this game, Joe Biden, because he will lose and he will lose quickly.

I wish Trump had responded to this foolishness during the debates last night by hitting Joe Biden on all of this stuff. Joe Biden has a boring record on the race. You know that, I know that. He was pro-segregation. He did call Black Americans super predators. We need to unearth that clip and I don't know why nobody is holding him accountable for that stuff.

He said that we wanted to be segregation. He said Black Americans preferred to be segregated and it was what we wanted. He fought for that in the Senate at the same time that he was authoring, which Trump accurately called him out on, the 1994 crime bill. So it's just all so ridiculous.

INGRAHAM: Yes. Well, Trump hit him on the super predators comment, but I think it needs to be teased out a little bit longer.

And the Critical Race Theory issue, which I think a lot of Americans are just beginning to understand what it really means now, Kamala Harris after the debate, she runs to MSNBC of course to hit Trump for wanting to cancel this hateful Critical Race Theory. Watch.


SEN. KAMALA HARRIS, (D-CA) VICE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  Donald Trump is not pretending to be anything other than what he is, someone who is getting rid of training of federal employees around the issue of race and the need to be aware of implicit bias. It's not a dog whistle. Literally he's talking through a bullhorn.


INGRAHAM:  Candace?

OWENS:  What we need to see on the Republican side is people need to actually educate Americans about what Critical Race Theory is. You know what it is, I know what it is. Honestly, what Democrats are doing is what they do best. They are attempting to resegregate society like they did in the past. They are attempting to make black people and white people hate one another as well as hate the country that they live in.

I am personally strongly against Critical Race Theory. It has nothing to do with empathizing or sympathizing for black people. It is about anger, and it is a Marxist ideology that they are trying to now put in the classrooms and put into the workplace, and it is wrong. And Trump is right to speak out against it.

INGRAHAM:  Yes, you might not believe you're racist, but the training tells you you're racist. So you might not think anything differently of people with a different skin color, but you do feel that way. So it's very controlling, and, well, it's the old Marxist playbook. And Candace, thank you so much. Wonderful to see you tonight, and we'll see you soon.

And ahead, Biden's whistle stop tour, did you see it? It swerved off the tracks. Seen and unseen has footage from our Scranton focus group as well last night. Raymond Arroyo has all the details next.


INGRAHAM:  It's time for our "Seen and Unseen" where we expose the big cultural and political stories of the week. Joining us now with all the details, Raymond Arroyo, FOX News contributor, author of the forthcoming "The Spider Who Saved Christmas." All right, Ray, Biden was out campaigning for a change today.

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR:  Yes, he was, Laura. He began a whistle stop tour of Ohio and Pennsylvania this morning. And if you thought the debate went off the rails, the Biden express started losing steam before it pulled out of the station. In Cleveland, there were signs of trouble almost immediately. Somebody better build back better signs. That one's not coming home again.

Then there was the birds and the geese, Laura, of old. Remember those?

Biden was interrupted today by a different but very familiar sound.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  And here comes the train that he tried to make sure to continue to go up front. Now, that's the commuter.

All right.



INGRAHAM:  Well, he does tend to get a bit distracted quite easily. My children have that problem.

ARROYO:  He does indeed. Don't do any more debates near trains.

INGRAHAM:  At least he is out campaigning.

ARROYO:  Yes, he is. He is.

INGRAHAM:  He's out campaigning. He did a number of stops. It's a very big day for him.

ARROYO:  Well, that's true, but the Joe Biden that his supporters saw today, Laura, was markedly different from the debate Biden. Regular Joe was back, with all the routine rambling and incoherence.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  Look at your kid and say honey, it's going to be OK. Well, you know, the fact is I don't expect the government to solve my problem, he'd say.

The walls were thing. I remember my dad rolling around at night. I could hear him. Our room was next to me.

The president keeps talking about -- what does he call it, he has some name for our platform. I can't remember what it is. The manifesto, thank you.


ARROYO:  Laura, how do you explain the difference between the man we saw last night and this man that Ohio and Pennsylvanian voters were treated to today?

INGRAHAM:  You know what I'm not going to say, what Ari and Mollie and I were saying. No one was interrupting him, OK?

ARROYO:  Exactly.

INGRAHAM:  Don't step on Joe. He's bashing himself in the face. Don't step on him. Just let him bash himself in the face.

ARROYO:  Without the two-minute, without the two-minute limit and the nap time, this is the Joe you get. So it's very different. I thought for a moment he might be auditioning for being an Amtrak conductor. He had all the accoutrement there and everything.

But he's trying this class warfare argument, Laura, where he claims Trump looks down on people like him and working class people. I don't know who he's talking about. None of this make any sense. But as you know, Biden has tried to depict himself as the empathizer in chief, the man who will restore dignity and civility to the White House. But his performance last night at that debate contradicted that image. We watched the debate with a group of uncommitted and committed voters in Scranton. This was their reaction to the Biden attacks. Watch closely.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  It's hard to get any word in with this clown.

ARROYO:  We heard you're a clown, shut up, man, keep yapping, you didn't do what I did and 47 years.

BILL DONAHOE, UNDECIDED VOTER:  It was on both sides. Trump was insulting, Biden was insulting. They spoke over each other. They wouldn't give in to Chris, the moderator. They were trying to make points against each other to satisfy and reinforce the bases on both sides, and not trying to convince me.

RICH BLYE, UNDECIDED VOTER:  Where's the professionalism. Come on. If we're the greatest nation in the world and this is what we tout ourselves, we are looking for leadership, especially during this COVID. We're looking for leadership. We're not looking for people to snipe back and forth.

DONAHOE:  When Biden and turned around and said you clown to the president of the United States, if a foreigner had done that, we'd be up in arms.

It's just, again, I had little respect for him. I have less now.

ARROYO:  For both of them.

DONAHOE:  Both of them.


ARROYO:  In the end, everyone knows, though, Laura, and even the members of this panel told me they knew Trump was a street fighter and blunt. That's baked in. But that performance last night may have hurt Biden incredibly, who has been trying to depict himself as the decency candidate. At the end of the night, one of these undecideds in our group, they flipped to Trump, and they all thought it was the president who was the candidate with the most passion and vitality in this debate. And I think that's hard to deny.

INGRAHAM:  What it comes down to, Raymond, is if you have all these suburban women and undecided swing voters who just don't like Trump's tweets or he's too brash, and they're willing to accept a lower standard of living and less freedom because they don't like his tweets, I don't know what to say to that. Just don't read a tweet, don't read his tweets and enjoy your peace and prosperity. That's what I'm saying, because --

ARROYO:  Laura, there was also this routine that happened at this debate where Trump was pushed into these loyalty oaths. You will condemn this group, you will accept the results of the election, vow that you will.

Biden, he had no vows thrown at him, about Hunter Biden's record or about packing the court, which is pretty important. I thought there was an imbalance in the whole evening. Maybe that will be cured by this town hall forum next week.

INGRAHAM:  I never liked the town hall form, frankly. But members of the focus group were also concerned about the mail-in ballots and the security about the election.


ARROYO:  There was the question about the confidence in this election. How confident are you that we will have a fair election this time? Are you confident? Raise your hand if you're confident. Three people are confident we'll have a fair election. Why aren't you confident we'll have a fair election?

DONNA GAVERN, TRUMP SUPPORTER:  Over and over again, where they are found either in a trash bag or, like the president said, in a creek floating somewhere.

RICH BLYE, UNDECIDED VOTER:  It's been proven, the FBI has proven it, it's a fact that nine ballots were tampered with.

The people need to have access, and right now there is one party in control, and they are not getting the access.

ARROYO:  Who is that party?

BLYE:  The Democrats. They are not giving the access. They shut down the township. I'm undecided about Joe Biden based upon the local Democrats. If the local Democrats are treating me this way, I can only imagine how Joe Biden is going to treat me once they complete the entire dictatorship that they got going on.


INGRAHAM:  While, Raymond, we are almost out of time, but the president said tonight everyone should get out and vote now. It's different from what he said before, just show up on Election Day. He said get out and vote now, and people are very worried about this, so keep your eye open.

ARROYO:  Very worried. It's a sleeper issue.

INGRAHAM:  Fantastic focus group. Raymond, thank you so much.

And still ahead, the real reason behind Democrat governors forcing Americans to wear masks. The shocking admission caught on tape when we return.


INGRAHAM:  I told you this. Democrat governors across the nation, they are laying the groundwork for a national mask mandate that will be enforced under a Biden presidency. And yesterday, we might have heard the truth to slip. Pennsylvania governor, he's outrageously bad, Tom Wolf was caught on a hot mic with a fellow Democrat lawmaker admitting this about masks.


GOV. TOM WOLF, (D) PENNSYLVANIA:  So Wendy, I'm going to take -- I'm going to take my mask off when I speak.

WENDY ULLMAN, (D) PENNSYLVANIA REPRESENTATIVE:  I will as well. Just, I'm waiting so that we can do a little political theater.


ULLMAN:  So that it's on camera.


INGRAHAM:  So that it's on camera, what a fraud. Remember Ralph Northam not wearing a mask at Virginia Beach? It's all political theater. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo also, whose state lost more lives to COVID than any other, actually had the gall to say this yesterday.


GOV. ANDREW CUOMO, (D) NEW YORK:  I put my head on the pillow at night saying I saved lives. That's how I sleep at night. And I know we have.


INGRAHAM:  What a stand-up guy. The thousands of New Yorkers who lost loved ones in nursing homes, I think they have a little different opinion, don't you think?

Joining me now is Dr. Ramin Oskoui, cardiologist extraordinaire and CEO of Foxhall Cardiology. Dr. Oskoui, I want to start with Governor Wolf. He quite literally let his mask slip, did he not? It's political theater.

DR. RAMIN OSKOUI, CARDIOLOGIST:  Well, let's be candid, he obviously knows, as we do, the literature on masks. Since 1981 we've known that masks really don't stop transmission. They showed that at the University of Edinburgh in their surgical suites. Subsequently, in the May of this year the CDC published their guidance on nonpharmacologic measures for influenza-like illnesses. They quote 14 randomized controlled studies, all of which show that masks do nothing to limit that transition. They sound like they know the literature as well as you and I do, and they're rather snarky about it, unfortunately.

INGRAHAM:  And of course, Joe Biden last night threw that out there, saying we could save 100,000 lives if everyone just masked up and socially distanced between now and forever. But last night, Dr. Oskoui, Biden also blamed Trump for all the country's -- all of the country's COVID deaths.



JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  The 20 -- the 200 -- the 200,000 people that have died on his watch, 200,000 dead. As you said, over 7 million infected in the United States.

He waited and waited and waited. He still doesn't have a plan. I laid out back in March exactly what we should be doing, and I laid out again in July what we should be doing.


INGRAHAM:  He laid it all out, and what's the difference between 200 million and 20,000, Dr. Oskoui, after all?

OSKOUI:  The experts told us in March and April that we'd have 2 million deaths. COVID was a war. Imagine you're a general, and you tell the president, general, president, we are going to have 2 million soldiers who are going to die. But in fact after the war is over, it's only a quarter of million. That general is getting a ticker tape parade.

President Trump was told 2.2 million Americans were going to die even if he did the lockdown, and where we're standing now it's going to be one-tenth of that. I don't understand where Vice President Biden gets his figures, but to me that looks like a huge victory for the president, and more importantly, for this country.

INGRAHAM:  It's a horrible tragedy, but one that had to be dealt with, and he dealt with it with all the information he had, and preserving our freedom, which is the most important thing in the end.

And last week, Dr. Oskoui, Senator Rand Paul, he argued, as many others have, that the virus has slowed in parts of the country because of T cell immunity. But here is how Dr. Fauci responded.



New York, it's about 22 percent. If you believe 22 percent is herd immunity, I believe you are alone in that.


INGRAHAM:  And then "The New York Times" reported that Fauci said in a later interview that he knew of no scientific evidence that the common cold derived T cells protect against infection with COVID. Dr. Oskoui, that is T cell immunity. Apparently, he doesn't read any of the medical literature that you and I and the medicine cabinet have been talking about on the air for months now. Can you explain any of this? What does this mean? Why is he saying this?

OSKOUI:  I think there are two facets. First of all, there is significant literature that shows that there is T cell immunity, not just to COVID but cross immunity with other common coronaviruses. In fact, very importantly, Johnson & Johnson's vaccine, if you read their preprint, they very specifically test for T cell immunity. And that's one of the reasons why it's probably one of the leading vaccines.

But I think Dr. Fauci has a lot more to answer for. As you are aware, Gain of Function Research was shut down in the United States in 2014. And immediately, Dr. Fauci's group at the NIH transferred that research to the Wuhan lab. Interestingly, weeks before President Trump was sworn into office, that moratorium on research that was considered too dangerous to do in the United States was lifted, and that research was brought back to the United States. There's a very good blog, scientific blog, called  that has a very nice review of this and the timeline.

INGRAHAM:  All right, we'll tweet that out. Dr. Oskoui, sorry to cut you off.

OSKOUI:  Sorry. No problem.

INGRAHAM:  But fascinating on T cells and all the rest.

Up next, the Last Bite.


INGRAHAM:  Comey's lies over the dossier and pretext for Crossfire Hurricane have been explored in great detail by the other shows today. But there was one lie that stood above the rest.


SEN. JOHN KENNEDY (R-LA):  You enjoy attention, don't you, Mr. Comey?

JAMES COMEY, FORMER FBI DIRECTOR: I do not enjoy attention from my family.

I do not enjoy being recognized in public and might be less celebrity fame, which I hope will go away very soon.


INGRAHAM: OK. Has anyone seen his emoting Instagrams looking up at the trees, cameos on CNN with Jeff Daniels? But he hates the attention and to be less, Jim, little presumptuous, don't you think? That's all the time we have tonight. Shannon Bream and the "FOX NEWS @ NIGHT" team take it all from here.



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